About Our Candles

It started at a friend's house

It was the summer of 2022, I had the pleasure of visiting my friend's house where we decided to try making candles for the first time. We spent hours experimenting with different scents and containers, laughing and enjoying the process. As we admired our creations, my friend suggested we create labels for the candles to sell. That idea sparked something in me, and I realized that this could be more than just a fun hobby. With hours of research and coaching from professional candle makers, I designed labels and started selling my candles at local events. It was a success, and I was overjoyed to have discovered a new passion that I could turn into a thriving business. All thanks to that unforgettable summer day spent with my friends.


Why Candles?
I had already started my woodworking business and my aim for my customers was to create a warm and cozy experience. Candles create an inviting atmosphere and are versatile in both indoor and outdoor settings. Candle fragrances have the ability to transport people to other places. Want to go back to that spring hiking trip in the mountains? Then burn a Mountain Mist Soy Blend Candle. Want to remember those childhood summer vacations off the east coast? Then burn an Ocean Spray Soy Blend Candle. Adding candles to my shop just made sense.



How our candles are made
From simple jars to handmade wooden lids, 
our candles are crafted with care and attention to detail. We use simple yet elegant glass jars and handcrafted wooden lids. After pouring the wax, the candles cure for two weeks to ensure the highest quality product. We offer a range of nature-inspired and seasonal fragrances, all of which are phthalate-free*.

 *With the exception of Sweet Midnight Snow Soy Blend Candle.

About our wax

Whenever I purchase a candle I always want to get the most out of it. This is why I love soy wax. Soy wax is a fantastic choice for candle lovers because it burns longer than many other waxes, giving you more hours of enjoyment. Plus, soy is a renewable resource and purchasing it supports American farmers, making it a local and sustainable option. Bridge the Gap Shop's use of soy wax shows a commitment to both quality and the American grower.

Bridge the Gap uses the term "Blend" to label some of our candles, indicating that a portion of paraffin (less than 50%) has been added to the wax, which helps to distribute the fragrance. While most individuals are happy with paraffin, some prefer paraffin-free options, and this labeling system helps identify the difference. If you love a paraffin-free candle, our candles without the "Blend" label are made from 100% soy and other all-natural ingredients.

Discover Our Handmade Wooden Lids

Bridge the Gap creates each wooden lid in-house using American Cedar. Unlike traditional candle lids made from metal, cork, or bamboo, cedar lids exude rustic charm that beautifully complements the elegant glass jars and white waxes of our most popular scented candles.

If you're interested in learning more about how to burn and care for your candles, click this link for more details.